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Is Your Sex Drive Running Low?

December 10, 2020

It’s normal in marriage for one spouse to have a lower sex drive than the other. But when one spouse exhibits little to no sex drive, it can be an extremely difficult thing for the marriage. I know marriage is about more than just sex, but sex can be critical to the health of a […]

Why Genre Matters When Reading the Bible

December 9, 2020

The Bible is the unified story of God’s relationship with and redemption of humankind. It’s one story told through 66 different books and these books are written in different styles or genres. Just as we read a cookbook differently than we read a novel, it’s important to note the genre of the book of the […]

Ten Ways to Read the Bible

December 3, 2020

Would you like to get more from your Bible reading and study time? Perhaps you’re new to the Bible and not sure where to begin? Perhaps you’ve been reading the Word for years yet still not comfortable with studying God’s Word for yourself. It all begins with learning to really read the Scriptures. There are three […]

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Do You Know Your Spouse?

December 3, 2020

  Maybe you read the title of this post and thought, “I don’t need this post. I know my spouse.” I’ve thought the same thing. I’ve been married for over forty years, and I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on knowing my wife. But there are still times when she will say or […]

Thankful Gratitude

Developing a Thankful Attitude in Marriage

November 26, 2020

  We all have things about our spouse we don’t like. Things like… How they leave their shoes lying around. How they make noise when they eat. How they tend to procrastinate. How they go off on rants. How they always/never want sex. How they’re too tight/loose with money. How they’re too introverted/extroverted. How they […]

The First Thing You Must Do If You Hope to Win with Your Money

November 23, 2020

So, you know you’re struggling with money when you go to the ATM, checking your account balance to see if you’ve got at least enough to go out for pizza. Ok, forget the ATM. You check your device. But it’s just as indicative of a problem – that you haven’t got a clue where your […]


It’s Marriage Not Magic!

November 19, 2020

I love a good magic show. As a kid, I would practice for hours learning sleight of hand magic. And now that I’m an adult and know it’s just a series of tricks and illusions, there’s still something about the wonder and the mystery of a magic show that captivates me. Marriage and Magic Whether you […]

Questions on Baptism?

November 16, 2020

What is baptism? Baptism is a symbolic act of commitment to Jesus. It is a visual picture of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus in which a believer identifies with Jesus and shows their willingness to die to their old way of life and begin living a new life with Jesus. As such, baptism […]

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Why Did You Get Married?

November 12, 2020

WHY DO PEOPLE GET MARRIED? When I am counseling couples, I often ask them this question: “Why did you get married?“ The answers vary… I fell in love with them. We had so much in common. I loved spending time with them. We were tired of going home at the end of the date. It […]


An Easy Way to Spice Up Your Marriage

November 5, 2020

  I don’t know about you, but when I hear the phrase “spice up your marriage,” the first thing that comes to my mind is coming home from work and finding my wife in the kitchen wearing nothing but an apron and a smile. (Sorry…too much information.) Well, let me say before we go any […]


Priming the Pump

October 29, 2020

THE FEELING Do you feel like you’re starving in your marriage? Maybe you’ve not admitted it to anyone. Perhaps you’ve tried to downplay it, rationalize it, or ignore it. But you feel it. Inside, you’re starving for: Attention. Affection. Time. Support. Appreciation. Acceptance. Encouragement. Etc. Whatever it may be, if you feel like you’re starving […]

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How to Prioritize Partnering Over Parenting

October 22, 2020

  In the last post, we talked about how parenting can take its toll on partnering. If you haven’t read that post, I encourage you to check it out. To quickly summarize…without proper care and attention, children can turn you from playmates to roommates. You can wind up focusing so much on being good parents […]

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How Parenting Can Take a Toll on Partnering

October 15, 2020

  Parenting is supposed to be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life. It’s supposed to bring spouses together. But without care and attention, just the opposite can happen. If you’re not careful, parenting can take a toll on your partnering. LOSING YOUR PLAYMATE When spouses come to me with problems in their […]

Grief Reflections

October 13, 2020

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven; a time to be born and a time to die. —Ecclesiastes 3:1-2a … but joy cometh in the morning. —Psalm 30:5b Grief, in essence, is reaction to loss. In one sense, it is universal. In another sense, it is unique. Grief is […]

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Is Your Marriage Out of Focus?

October 8, 2020

  When you go to have your eyes checked, the first thing they do is determine your focus. They want to know what you’re able to focus on and what you’re not. Just like your eyes, the health of your marriage has a lot to do with your focus. And just like your eyes, your […]

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