Month: April 2014

Dictionary definition of the word Grammar.

Marriage Grammer – Possessive Pronouns

Possessive pronouns are general words that replace nouns and denote ownership.  (Feel like you’re back in school?)  They are words like: yours, mine ours, etc.  These words are very important to us.  Toddlers grab toys and say, “Mine!”  Children brag about something of theirs being better than someone else’s.  And most teenagers will sooner or later …

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A red license plate with the words New or Used to symbolize the choice between a newly produced or a pre-owned car or other vehicle

“Should I Fix the One I’ve Got Or Get A New One?”

“Cars.  Dishwashers.  Houses.  Televisions.  Phones.  These eventually beg the question, “Should I fix the one I’ve got or get a new one?”  It’s not always clear, and often we make more of an emotional decision than a rational decision.  If we really want something new, we can always find the rationale for it.  “There’s too …

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